What are doctoral supervisors for? A personal view

Insightful view of Nick Hopwood about doctoral supervision. He analyses doctoral supervision using three analogies: mentoring, personal training, and supervision as the long goodbye. I can relate to some aspects of these categories. I also think that supervision is a complex power relationship. I will elaborate on this in a future post.

Nick Hopwood

The posts I’ve done recently on supervision (10 ways to annoy your supervisors, and the guest response on how to be a crappy supervisor), have been popular. So I thought I’d follow up with a personal reflection on what I think my job is as a supervisor of doctoral students. This is not an official expression of any university policy. It is based on my experience as a student, and as a supervisor. I’m not saying I always achieve these things, but it is a reflection of the kind of supervisor I think I ought to be, and am trying to be, at the moment.

I will use 3 analogies: mentoring, personal training, and supervision as the long goodbye.


There are some aspects of mentoring as I have read about it in literature* that I think apply in doctoral supervision. Cohen (1995) writes…

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