Bush bashing my way through my PhD

Today I submitted my work plan for this year to my supervisors for their approval. The meeting was pretty straightforward , we followed my proposal and discussed some issues regarding travel grants, ethics application, and data collection instruments.

After the meeting, I felt in control of what I’m doing, where I’m going.  It is like when you have been bush bashing your way through thick bush, and after a while, feeling exhausted,you get to a clear spot and you can see your destination. That’s how I feel now. I know where the north is and I have a clear bearing to follow. Now I can proceed.

Year Month Completed
1 May Finish stage 1 of literature review (sociocultural theory)
May 13 Attend AARE workshop
May 20 Stephen and Margaret Submit abstract of poster to AARE conference: What does sociocultural theory offer Foreign language teacher education?
Send book review to journal (Language and Education Journal?)
1 June Participate/attend Foundations of University Teaching & Learning
Limit research questions
Select appropriate methods and methodology
Invite (formally) Jeremy Jones to be my advisor and ask him to read my proposal
Attend Ethics seminar
Plan Ethics proposal
1 July Attend ATESOL- do networking-
Submit research  proposal
August 20 Offer a   seminar: Research proposal review presentation
Adjust research proposal according to comments, feedback
Submit Ethics for approval
1 September Design collection data instruments
1 Submit collection data instruments for approval
Design  a pilot study
Apply for a travel grant (according to the form, you have to apply at least two months ahead of the date of the fieldwork) http://cass.anu.edu.au/graduate-forms-for-current-phd-mphil-students
2 October
Skype Chilean institutions
Submit invitation to Chilean institutions to participate in my research
Start a pilot study
Train for interviews, observations,etc.
2 November Design the poster for AARE conference
Write a paper about the same topic of the poster: What does sociocultural theory offer Foreign language teacher education?
2 December Present poster at AARE conference.
Submit a paper to a journal
2 January Enjoy Holidays
2 February-July 2011 Collect data in Chile

About Malba Barahona

Educational researcher, language educator. PhD from Australian National University. Passionate bushwalker and mountain lover. I procrastinate reading fiction, hiking, doing yoga, riding, having a beer and more recently decolonizing my existence. I write in English and Spanish in different blogs especially with the purpose of encouraging my students to write.


  1. vivazep

    Congratulations, I’m glad for you, but don’t forget you will be lost again, is the nature of research I guess. Then you could remember this moment of confidence.


    (How is my writing?)

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